C. S. Lewis Journal

Here you will find the journal entries I have written in response to various books I have read, written by C. S. Lewis. In particular, these are in response to the HON 303R course requirement.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism

A great essay. Actually, I was quite frustrated with the first three of Lewis' four "bleats", because I could not understand them in the least. He used too many comparisons and phrasings that I could not understand or was not familiar with.

But his fourth bleat made me want to pass him a high five. I have always disagreed with teachers who made their english students read into an author of some text (usually Shakespeare) to the point where it was far beyond anything that I would ever give the author credit for. Lewis seems to agree that "reconstructing" the author or the environment based solely on the text is an activity with a very high failure rate.


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